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Jogo Rápido #9 – Francisco Estevam em
Trabalho de Promotor de Venda

agosto 4th, 2015 Posted by Jogo Rápido 255 comments

Desta vez, Francisco (Big) montou uma apresentação para mostrar mais do trabalho de promotor de vendas e como o a criatividade produz PDVs muito interessantes.

Mais uma apresentação do nosso querido terceiro Francisco, o popular Big. Ele vem contar um pouco do que faz e mostrar como colegas de profissão montam incríveis pontos de venda para chamarem a atenção dos clientes e ajudarem nas vendas.

Sobre o Jogo Rápido Public

Jogo Rápido é um projeto do Public Supermercados que tem o objetivo de promover interação entre os colaboradores. O apresentador tem no máximo 15 minutos para falar sobre qualquer assunto que ache interessante compartilhar com seus colegas.

Assista a seguir à apresentação:


Eu acho fantástico esse projeto do Public Supermercados! Todo promotor de vendas precisa trabalhar com criatividade para criar mais impacto com o público, e você estão favorecendo e até abrindo espaço novo para essa criatividade. Como Consultor em Softwares de Gestão para Supermercados eu trabalho com supermercadistas, e devo admitir que não conheço lojas fazendo esse trabalho de maneira tão aprofundada quanto vocês.

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Thank you for reporting this to Facebook! I find it’s now taking me a ridiculous amount of time to wade through the news feed and look for my friends’ posts. I also hate that there’s no way to delete things from my wall using the app from my phone (I seem to be getting junk spam now too). Wish more people would give Google + a try! It may be time for a switch soon. No surprise about Facebook stock price, who can trust them?!

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Czekaj , nie rozumie czegoś, ziemia podażą w 4 wymiar? Przecież ona jest wielowymiarowa i nie potrzebuje podążać w coś co ma od dawna. Sprecyzuj proszę, bo złe słyszę. Moje uszczypliwe uwagi odnoszą się jedynie do podawanych przez Ciebie opisów nadchodzących zmian:)))

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We didn't have a word like this, but we needed one! A few too many freak-outs pushed our wedding into the "destination" category. I am *not* the kind of girl that can deal with wedding planning, so I'm glad you are coping well, and actually having some fun with it. 🙂

Hey Kelly! Thanks so much for coming by. I love the story about your nine year old passing you notes under the closet door while you hid to talk to your agent. LOL I can’t wait for the world to get to read your debut book, and . . .BIG CONGRATS on announcing yesterday a new 2 book deal, to SimonPulse, for your Young Adult books!

Hi Margareth, oven temp is very important with macarons – I just made some today and the oven had been turned off when I had not realized, even though I turned it straight back on they turned out cracked and with no foot – so yes I think your oven temp is the issue. Try 160 and if that does not work try a friends oven. It seems unusual to me the the oven would not go lower – it is not in degrees F is it? I am guessing not as you still managed to bake them and at 160 F they would not bake.

Hi, Trish. Thank you so much for the lovely email you sent me. I, of course, had to visit you immediately and found that, yes, we do share a love for many of the same things. I’ll be back very soon! All the best ~LeAnn

Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote informative articles.

Touching forehead to the knee seems more like a compression than a stretch.. from my understanding the sit-up begins as a stretch, arms over the head, feet flexed, inhale, then ends as a compression, elbows to the floor forehead to the knees. I’m curious about your thoughts on this… instructions make it sound like a compression but pictures and old Bikram books make the end of the sit up look like stretching pose.

These pieces really set a standard in the industry.

Ciociu Iwonko na tym turnusie ćwiczę trochę więcej bo wieczorem przyjeżdża ciocia Magda ale daję radę Bardzo bym chciał żeby moje nogi były silniejsze

Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

4 días+3DIOS MIOMetallica es Metal dios no rock pesadoNirvana es GrungeGuns es una total Mierda, una banda q pudo ser buena cuando recién salían porq nadie en la vida había escuchado algo así pero ya mae suficiente a la mierda, la mayoría de personas lo escuchan porq sino piensan q no van a ser aceptados de alguna manera. y déjeme decirle q esta imagen deja mucho q desear

This was a good Home Businesses book for anyone who wants basic work at home ideas… but there was nothing original. You could sit at home and figure these jobs out if you go online or brainstorm. Still, it does help and it does have some good ones.

The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!

No I have always just had a broker on the phone in 20 seconds to sell if I need to. Then I put in stop orders to protect. I have never invested in all the backup stuff and am ok with it.

jibé vous semblez vivre sur un nuage d’illusions. Que se passera-t-il quand les duconslajoie auront réussi à imposer leur nullité, à faire mépriser la culture, à fausser l’histoire critique spontanée ta petite corde sensible a été malmenée pauvre petit clown

Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.

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Handicapés et valides sont d’accords pour dire qu’ils aimeraient plus de handisport sur les grandes chaines et à des horaires « ordinaires ». Beaucoup de progrès ces dernières années, mais encore du boulot. Oui à l’augmentation des diffusions handisport et à l’augmentation des prix gagnés par les sportifs !

I think some smoked paprika, garlic and olive oil would make roasted cauliflower taste delicious! Smoked paprika really doesn’t have any heat, just a wonderful smokey red pepper flavor. Let me know how it turns out…

Sounds good to me! To be that gorgeous – oh my! I just returned from a trip, but this looks all too inviting…Thanks for stopping by while I was gone – you always have the sweetest things to say :)xoxo

If not for your writing this topic could be very convoluted and oblique.

!!!:DPersonalmente mi sono stufato da tempo, se mi capita di interloquire con un complottista (o anche solo un dubbioso/indeciso) undicisettembrino, gli segnalo pacatamente il blog Undicisettembre e non insisto oltre.

Labour code is the introduction to poverty, yes, it is called a code because it means something else, state control of business. Dumb socialist at work again, Obama worshipers.

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I have a family who is Celiac. This recipe sounds perfect. I am so delighted and excited to be able to make her a little sweet. Thank you for this!!! Hugs & Blessings.

"…we aren't really in need of the M.E. oil."Yes, we are. But not in the energy sense. It is how we export our debt to foreign countries. OPEC nations only export oil for US dollars. When they try something else (like euros), they become terrorists and are subject to pre-emptive strikes. It is also why we won't drill here, drill now. It doesn't do us any good to give ourselves the FRNs.

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09/11/2012 – 7:35pmEn el Madrid, a los españoles se les trata como de la cantera y creen que jugadores como Modric, Essien, Ozil, etc… son mejores que Cazorla, Mata, Silva, Javi Garcia, Borja Valero, Negredo, Soldado, mas etc… No vende lo mismo un español que un extranjero, de siempre ha sido asi. Peor para ellos.

You’re right! That will be you, a few years down the road. I’m back there too with a very curious two year old. Sounds like a great place and very welcoming to families, which is NICE!

Shiver me timbers, them’s some great information.

Your story was really informative, thanks!

Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinking?

How neat! Is it really this simple? You make it look easy.

Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

I’m really excited to start this but I have a question. Do I do each circuit once or do I do circuit one, then one again but add two, the one and two and add three?

Articles like this make life so much simpler.

I searched a bunch of sites and this was the best.

Hats off to whoever wrote this up and posted it.

Luz, tranquilo, te dise, podemos conversar huehehue. Do Penharol eu tenho.Arbo, não vai rolar infelizmente hueheuheuheuheÉ foda isso, me rpubaram algumas camisas bala, bando de safado… tenho uma do Barça da época do Romário também, escrito “barça” em toda ela.Eu tô a fim de comprar uma do Manchester ou Liverpool

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Non, mon premier message était au premier degré. Je ne crois pas que JMLP ait vraiment souhaité le pouvoir; le but à mon avis était de faire du bruit pour ramasser des voix afin d’engranger les subventions et autres dotations pécuniaires.

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Gracias a TiaLuly y a Mera por traer esta delicia a la gran colección de manjares deleitosos del Rincón. Mera el de chocolate me encantó!!!Gracias por acordarte de mí

How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

Så stort og flott! Gleder meg til å følge dere videre i prosessen. Har selc bygd og tiden kan føles som den står stille litt, man vil så gjerne flytte inn:)Liker spesilet soverom-walk in og bad. Luksus:)idyllisk på konglungen, tittet på tomter der for en stund tilbake. Men var litt for dyrt..Titter innom igjen!

I also share this belief! Especially if you compare it to the Heaven and Hell concept. The astral has unlimited freedom and choice, whereas the restrictions of both Heaven (sins/rules) and Hell. If you’re going to be somewhere for an eternity why should it be limited? It’ll be Hell no matter WHERE you are.

That’s a well-thought-out answer to a challenging question

Hola,Somos Gonzalo y Sandra, esos “locos” que abrimos un negocio en plena crisis… Ver que hay gente a la que le gusta lo que hacemos y que valora el proyecto que hemos iniciado nos llena no sólo de alegría sino que nos inyecta más motivación si cabe para seguir con una Hamaca cada día más viva. Gracias por compartir con los demás lo que te sugirió nuestro pequeño rincón de fruta, verdura y zumos.

Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

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Vad roligt! Jag har letat efter den här boken, eftersom jag är Manguel-fan sedan En bok om läsning kom – var har du hittat den?

What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?

Who are you kidding? I’m pretty sure you are already vainly searching for even as I type.Must admit I was a little underwhelmed by Sonico initially – apart from the face she isn’t very detailed and the way her left arm slots in isn’t fantastic… she has grown on me though – she is certainly better looking than Orchid Seed’s secret conehead version

I am findimg that my short videos are getting cut up into chunks, ss per "some things you ought to know, Parts 1 &2. I think this might be because I have not clicked the "join files option" in Freemake Video Converter, which I use to convert an upload files.Will be expoerimenting, but would not mind a re-do facility inside of You Tube to be able to do this.It may already exist, but then I'm still so analogue, I might not be seeing what's there!!! Can someone fill me in?

Embora não gosto do gênero, ficou muito bom seu texto, parabéns. Isso que dá aceitar o convite de um estranho aqui em Sampa, para tomar um comprimido qualquer, é viajem total ou golpe do boa noite Cinderela, que perigo kkkkkkUsando Firefox 13.0.1 em Windows Vista

Un trabajo muy bien hecho y una selección de tertulias más que recomendables. Llegué algo tarde al sarao, pero el próximo no me lo pierdo e incluso igual me animo a participar.

BS low – rationality high! Really good answer!

Thuggism 101 :“In the real world mistakes happen, in judgement and in how the canister may bounce.”- “Nice activist you’ve got there… it’d be a shame if anything happened to him”They’ve learned their lessons well.

I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

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AHHH che bello!!! In questo momento potrei anche lasciarti da parte le costine pur di vedere un pò di mare….. IN COSTUME???? Sarà che sono freddolosa ma qui in Emilia si gira ancora con la giacca…. :-((Buon fine settimana!

Economies are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

The ability to think like that shows you’re an expert

A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

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Your cuteness kills me! I thought for a second about going back to my post from today and slapping on a size with a blurb about linking with you, but I decided that I would like to actually make a dedicated size post. Not an afterthought. Next week I'll be linking up for sure. Thank you for this!~Erica

Hallo Peter!Entschuldige die späte Antwort – waren in Thailand zum Visa run. Schicken ein paar Bilder nächste Woche.Lieber GrüßeGaby und Hans

I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

Your story was really informative, thanks!

Actually, a more less equal tax system would force illegal Latins and others to pay income taxes. Get rid of the income tax credit and still keep the rates for the rich not increase. Texas has grown and if Texas would go ahead with a remittance tax on money sent back to Mexico a new regression tax then they would make some money from their illegal immirgants.

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al funky y los chandals de Adidas de color azul celeste. A este estilo estaría más cercano el LG Saver, ideal si has heredado unos muebles Luis XIV. Un dato que a priori debemos tener en cuenta, es que

ik had het lint ook besteld en de vlinderstempels, kreeg het gisteren en ben er heel blij mee:)je buikkastje is echt heel mooi geworden!en de bouwbeurs.. mijn man is daar vandaag naar toe, liep hij je net mis haha;)lieve groetjes, Tjitske

Knocked my socks off with knowledge!

hamladies. kerfopolis’s all-time favorite TV show list includes salute your shorts. is she going to begin using a parenting manual from zoobilee zoo next? there is no way she has the capacity to be an alcoholic if she is thirty years old and her favorite television show is a nickelodeon mock-umentary of middle school-age campers raising a pair of boxer shorts up a flagpole as a prank. my theory is that she deeply exaggerates this ‘vice’ so as to be avant-garde. or whatever.

Hoppas resten av dagen blir bättre. MEN, det är ändå de där dagarna när allt går fel som man kommer ihåg och kan skratt åt när de väl är över.Kram

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J'ignorais cette phrase de Lacan. Mais venant de lui, plus rien n'étonne, tant ses pratiques étaient perverses. Au reste, c'est une absurdité de plus : Freud ne voulait pas quitter Vienne avant que tous ses collègues juifs soient libérés ou en sécurité. Il n'aura malheureusement pas été exaucé : Marie Bonaparte devra le supplier de partir.

Merci Yael pour ce conseil.Mais une question me vient à l’esprit.Si l’on transforme son compte perso en Fan Page, on ne peut pas (par avance) nommer un administrateur étant donné que que la Fan page n’existait pas avant.Comment être sur en transformant son compte en page fan que nous allons avoir accès ?

Muita calma nessa hora! Não vou fazer nenhuma apologia ao Trabalho de Promotor de Venda, mas eu acho super legal o projeto Jogo Rápido que foi montado no Supermercado de vocês.

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